WNM700 Module 12

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 | Module

Proof of Concept

You should be through your first round of prototyping and testing with your concept. You may now wish to modify your post it note style storyboards and begin refining your proof of concept based on what you’ve learned with testing. 

It may be time to build a higher fidelity test, depending on the needs of your project.

Using the tools of Adobe After Effects and HTML/CSS/Javascript (Web tech), you may create rich prototypes that simulates the intended experience of your interactions. Look for areas of your design that need to be evaluated and tested with rich interaction, or need to be made visual to get useful feedback! 

Testing information flow or task flow is better suited to wireframes or low-fidelity tools, while sophisticated interaction needs to be manipulatable or visualized to be understood. 

Creating quicktime movies that simulate the intended interaction using quick video, After Effects, or web pages can test certain functionality. 

Remember, your job is never implementation with these tools! It’s simply to further your design. Your Proof of Concept should change and evolve as you test and evaluate it.

Next, week, a robust, labeled proof of concept is due.