WNM498/699 Module 01

Thursday, January 17th, 2019 | Module

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

  • What is programming?
  • What is a computer?
  • …and what is to use those things to make “art”?

Check out the Hello World! Slides/Notes


Demo Files

Get Demo Code Files on GitHub 


References and URLS


The Coding Train

Off Book-Creative Code

Coding Math

Generative Gestaltung

Eloquent JavaScript

Learn JavaScript Properly


The Nature of Code


Research and Analyze a work

This assignment is one of observation and research. Before you begin producing generative art, your task is to find a contemporary professional example and analyze it. Pick one piece of generative / interactive art from the list of following resources or pieces that you have discovered that meet the criteria for generative / interactive art we discussed in class.

List who created it and their background, who the client was (if applicable), and where it was displayed. Think about and try to define the terms — “viewer” and “user”. Computer art is in a gray area between exhibition and software. Where does your chosen piece lie in this continuum? Is it more like “design”, more like “art”, or more like “software”? Include a simple analysis of how a viewer/user interacts with the piece and then explain this in steps. For example, “First, the user steps up to the piece and is sensed by the kinect. Then, the animations go from passive mode to active mode where the movement of the user’s body creates animations…” Try and determine what is or is not successful, and why. Be specific, give examples, and use formal language, no slang. When giving an example, take a screenshot from a video or webpage to use as a figurative reference. Design a pleasing layout and make sure to include these screenshots and reference. Don’t forget to spell check and insure a buddy or colleague reads your paper prior to submitting for review. Be prepared next week to explain and showcase the work you selected to your peers.

Submission Directions

• Name your .pdf with the following convention “FirstName_LastName_genart_analysis”.pdf and submit before the end of the next module.

Due Date

This assignment is due next module.

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