WNM498/699 Module 10

Saturday, January 19th, 2019 | Module

This module continues introducing data in the processing environment, from start collection objects like arrays and ArrayLists, to simple storing and retrieval with JSON and CSV txt.


Demo Files

Get the demo files on GitHub.

Observe all of the interactions and examples in the source code for this module. The demo files this module showcase a grab bag of useful techniques, but focus primarily on gaining control using the DOM.


Demo Videos

Demo Videos at the Coding Train Be sure to checkout the videos on data, JSON, XML, and ArrayLists.


Installation, Space, Self

The school of Web Design + New Media has the following mission statement:

The School of Web Design & New Media prepares students for cutting-edge careers in experiential design and digital media. We teach an integrated approach based on four fundamentals: design thinking, visual communication, technology, and user experience. Our graduates are strategic thinkers, producers, and technologists poised to lead innovation on a global level.

Your brief is to create an interactive piece for display that in some way expresses, explains, diagrams, or illuminates this mission. Focusing on explaining or investigating one of the four fundamentals design, communication, tech, or UX may help narrow your piece. Don’t feel compelled to make an “app” or a information site, however. You are invited to create work that is personal or particular to you or other student journeys in WNM. Your work may be showcased with the Spring Show display, which is open to the public.

Use may use the department style guides and typefaces for your art direction, but this is optional. Feel free to let your style lead you wherever your concept takes you.

You will be working either individually, or if you like, in coding pairs for this final project. 

Technical Specifications 

You will be building the final project in Processing. You may take advantage of the department “interactive display”, which is an array of 3 X 55 inch displays driven by a mac mini running processing. The screen resolution is 3840 X 768.  Additionally, a kinect v.2 has been set up and is serving data to processing if you wish to utilize it, but it is not necessary. You may loan out sensors or other equipment from the department, such as the leap motion controllers or VR rigs. Since your display is meant to work in a context of an installation, input based on keyboard or mouse is not advisable, but other types of data input may be used, such as touch from a mobile device using sockets or microphone.

You may assume that the display is networked and you would be able to utilize Open APIs or other types of data.


  • Create software using processing development environment
  • Create a dynamic experience taking both visuals, audio, environment, and interaction into account
  • Engage the audience with interactive art


  • Processing PDE
  • Interactive Display
  • Kinect input (optional)
  • Pencil and Paper

Due Date 

Module 01: Sketches, layouts, research and initial design explorations.

Module 02: Design presentations

Module 03: prototyping R+D, Build Alpha

Module 04: Build Beta

Module 05: Final Presentation

Submission Directions 

Please name directory accordingly: 



Include all processing sketches and source art project files for submission.

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