WNM498/699 Module 09

Saturday, January 19th, 2019 | Module

This module will introduce the Processing environment. There are many similarities and a few key differences between Processing and p5.js. The calls that are part of the processing/p5 API are similar. Drawing shapes and programming patterns will work exactly the same. However, Processing is based on the Java language, and p5 is written in JavaScript. Despite the similarity in their names, they are actually completely independent of one another and can operate in very different ways and have their own syntax and semantics. No need to be afraid, as code written in both environment is so similar you can nearly copy and past between them, but there are some real nuts and bolts of the basics of Processing that need to get worked through first.


Demo Files

Get the demo files on GitHub.

The demo files mainly focus on the differences between the two environments. Pay close attention to some of the key conceptual differences- Processing has a compiler, it is explicitly typed, and has its own set of libraries and add-ons.


Demo Videos

Demo Videos at the Coding Train Watch 7.1 and 7.2, comparing Processing with p5js.


References and URLS

Processing Transition

Processing.js vs P5.js — What’s The Difference?

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