WNM498/699 Module 03

Friday, January 18th, 2019 | Module

Loops! Take advantage of a computer’s ability to execute many commands over and over again.

Conditions! In this module you will learn to also use conditions to create branching code.


Demo Files

Demo Files on GitHub

Try practicing the different types of loops and conditions. Do you think you could build a simple game?


Demo Videos

Watch 3.1 — 4.2 at the Coding Train


Recreate a Forgery with animation

Using your created artwork as a starting point, create an animated version of your code forgeries.

Use the basics of javascript by creating variables, conditions and the draw() loop to change the state of your program over time. 

You will find a lot of use out of the following functions, and you will find examples in the pick up folder:




Additionally, logical operators and for() loops may be of use to you. Begin by observing and reading through the code samples in the Demo_Files folder.

You may use functions, and loops if you are familiar with their implementation in javascript. Otherwise, rely on the simple function calls found within p5, as these technical topics will be covered later in the course. 

Submission Directions

Please submit all requisite source files and assets in a folder, ready to be viewed in a browser or server.

Due Date

This assignment is due next module


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