WNM305 Motion Graphics 02

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 | Instruction

This undergraduate course focuses on the creation of advanced motion graphics utilizing industry-standard software and current broadcast techniques. The objective of this course is to design and produce highly compelling time-based motion graphics and typography for broadcast, web, and mobile platforms.

This course is divided into three assignments and topics, each showcasing a different application or area of motion graphics. The first project focuses on interactive media and UX practice. Creating UI concept flows, prototypes, and testing methodology for mobile/interactive are covered. Next, students are tasked to work in teams and create concept videos that integrate interface animations with live-action video. The basics of film production process and compositing techniques are reviewed. Finally, students are tasked with creating data visualizations. They record data from their own lives and create stories based on what they find. They create the final animation in the course using Maxon Cinema4D Lite.