WNM205 Motion Graphics 01

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 | Instruction

This undergraduate course introduces the theory and production of animated 2D graphics for multiple platforms. Concept, research, design and pre‐production techniques for motion graphics projects are covered, focusing on animating with typography, graphic symbols, shapes, and color. Industry‐leading software tools are employed with emphasis on classic animation principles and workflow.

Since I authored it in 2012, WNM 205 has become a fundamental course for hundreds of students. As of Jan, 2019, I’ve personally instructed the course 23 times with 354 students. I’ve overseen and worked with adjunct part‐time instructors to insure standardization and progression into 305 Motion Graphics 02. Some other fun numbers: I wrote 75,000 words for the course and recorded 76 instructional videos, with 1–6 examples for every assignment.

The course has three components. First, a small amount of theory, covering topics such as the language of editing, the history of motion graphics, and semiotics. Second, a focus on making and critique, similar to a studio design course. Finally, a strong focus on learning the tool, Adobe After Effects. The 15‐week structure introduces a new feature or technique each week which culminates in a motion graphics final project which demonstrates skills in the software, the 12 principles of animation, visual design, and conceptual execution.

Course Outline


Module 01
Module 02

Prerequisites: Either WNM 105 & GR 150 (or WNM 110) OR GR 102 & GR 150 (or GR 105)
Units: 3