Splice Festival

Sunday, May 20th, 2018 | Blog, Downloads, Work

I was very involved with the Splice Festival 2018 edition.


It was a four day festival featuring a wide swath of amazing Audio/Visual producers and creators. It took place in London, England. I produced the motion graphics for the Teaser Trailer, associated media campaign bits and bobs, co-created the festival trailer, and created the environmental display graphics for the fest.


Additionally, I instructed a MAXON Cinema 4D workshop, and co-taught and was a TA for VDMX workshops. It was a blast!

Here are the source files for the workshop I instructed. Very useful bits and bobs in there, with the full PDF presentation, and source files with the Sound Effector breakdowns.

Live at the Fest

Seeing the graphics role out and be leveraged around all the different venues of the festival was very gratifying. I’m glad I was able to contribute performance, education, and experience to such a dynamic creative festival.

Also! Watch me awkwardly stumble my way through an interview, live on British Television!

Here’s what the environmental graphics megamix looked like, made with AE/C4D/VDMX:

Photography © Nik Eagland, Martyna Kubrak, Stuart Heaney, Martin Delaney, Martin LeSanto-Smith and Mark Stokes

Video c/o London Live