Pixel Spirit Deck Table

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Blog, Downloads, Work

Download the vdmx/isf files here

Get the source files from Patricio Gonzalez Vivo on Github here

The Pixel Spirit deck is an amazing project created by artist Patricio Gonzalez Vivo. Briefly, it’s a tarot deck that uses code to create the image on each card.

From the Pixel Spirit website:

Each Pixel Spirit card presents a visual element together with the GLSL shader code that generates it. Ultimately, these elements can be reused and combined to compose an infinite visual language. This deck is a tool for learning, a library, and an oracle.

The cards are ordered as an unfolding continuum that goes from simplicity to complexity, from darkness to light, so they can be learned and memorized easily. Through this progression, the cards present new functions, creating a library of functions that can be reused and combined like a portable book of spells. Within the 50 cards of this deck you will find the 22 major arcana, the ancestral archetypes of the traditional Tarot deck: the wisdom of these powerful cards will guide you.

The Pixel Spirit Deck is a really great learning resource, starting with just a few lines of code through to making simple signed distance functions.

Hey! This was begging to be brought to VDMX. I took it upon myself to make a project where I could do an audio reactive, interactive “tarot reading”. I decided to build an interactive table for creating Pixel Spirit visuals and readings.

See the full write up over at the Vidvox blog.