mvcrft365: “The Sentinel”

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 | Blog, Downloads

Inspired by the likes of Beeple, Everday Swiss, Kokolores one two three, and others, I’m going to attempt a One-Render-A-Day Practice. We will see if I can make it all 365 days in 2013, although with a full-time job and baby I won’t get bent out of shape if I miss one.

So I’m not just designing/visualizing nonsense or nothing, I thought it might be useful to give myself a weekly premise, theme, or creative brief. Here’s my personal ruleset– Each week, consume one piece of media: short story, song, article, or presentation or etc… Create seven images based on that concept. Spend about 90 minutes on each image. Repeat 52x.

This week’s media is “The Sentinel” by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the (very) short story on which 2001: A space odyssey is based. Read it if you like: http://​econtent​.typepad​.com/​T​h​e​S​e​n​t​i​n​e​l​.​pdf

This is a story in which a geologist working on the moon discovers a monolith, that turns out to be a beacon for some ancient intelligence. I tried to visualize some of the themes of the story- The lunar landscape, the alien nature of ourselves (who is the alien?) and the monolith itself. It was also fun to make some stoner space art 🙂

Here’s this week’s images.


Want to download the source files? (offline, email me) Various formats. Cinema4D, AE, PSD, AI.

The usual disclaimer: I’m liberally using google images and intentionally working messy and destructively. These are certainly not production files. I don’t own all of the copyrights to every reference image, but I try and source from Creative Commons and wikipedia when I can. You can use them as an educational resource, but please don’t charge for the source files, redistribute, repackage, or copyright the images in any way.