mvcrft365 “Einstein on the Beach”

Sunday, April 7th, 2013 | Blog, Downloads

For this weeks dailies, I chose to visualize the 1976 Phillip Glass opera “Einstein on the Beach”. I went to the San Francisco Library and checked out original scores, notes, and production sketches from Robert Wilson. While much visual design was produced for the initial opera, I enjoyed playing with the ideas which are so open for interpretation in this work. Einstein proved that space and time are the same thing. Now- that feels like motion graphics. These dailies became the basis for my new demo reel opener and soundtrack. Want the source files? They are at the end of this post.












Want the source files?

Just the Cinema4D files this time. The usual disclaimer: I’m liberally using google images and intentionally working messy and destructively. These are certainly not production files. I don’t own all of the copyrights to every reference image, but I try and source from Creative Commons and wikipedia when I can. You can use them as an educational resource, but please don’t charge for the source files, redistribute, repackage, or copyright the images in any way. “Einstein on the Beach” is obviously owned by Phillip Glass, and not me.