mvcrft365: “Build A Wall”

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 | Blog, Downloads

Inspired by the likes of BeepleEver­day SwissKokolores one two three, and oth­ers, I’m going to attempt a One-Render-A-Day Practice.

Here’s my per­sonal ruleset– Each week, con­sume one piece of media: short story, song, arti­cle, or pre­sen­ta­tion, or etc… Cre­ate seven images based on that con­cept. Spend about 90 min­utes on each image. Repeat 52x. This week’s media is “Build A Wall”, a track off of the 2009 album “Integration” It’s a song from Seattle-based Balkan Metal-Punk outfit Kultur Shock. It’s a not-so-subtle political song that’s bald in it’s view of immigration, borders, and hypocrisy. Looks like a week of rebellious images. Listen to the song while viewing the images if you like.


What was I thinking about when making these?

08-The first wall to be built is typically around the larynx and the lungs.…Razor wire and concrete walls are more a psychological deterrent then an actual physical one. Limiting speech and assembly are kind of walls in themselves. Also thinking of the beginning of the track where Gino Srdjan Yevdjevich, the lead singer, just inhales and exhales.


10-Razor-wire made by/for hands

11-On our farms we grow fences. They taste terrible. (“Mexicans are everyday feeding, building USA/But when they’re done, kick them out all”)

12-Couldn’t come up with much of a concept… Just did some type.

13-“Everybody football, everybody France/France, love the Africans/But when they riot they’re not so much fun/Why can’t everybody be like Zinedine Zidane?” Looking at photos from The battle of Algiers…

14-Went a little info geek on this one: Care of Centenia, Europe’s borders from 1000AD to Present, sampled every decade. I’ve averaged them to one image and created a displacement map. “Everyone dance, Balkan Folk!”

Want the source files? Download them. (offline, email me) Various formats. Cinema4D, AE, PSD, AI. The usual disclaimer: I’m liberally using google images and intentionally working messy and destructively. These are certainly not production files. I don’t own all of the copyrights to every reference image, but I try and source from Creative Commons and wikipedia when I can. You can use them as an educational resource, but please don’t charge for the source files, redistribute, repackage, or copyright the images in any way.