mvcrft365 “Atomic Elements”

Friday, February 15th, 2013 | Blog, Downloads

For this week’s dailies, I collaborated with San Francisco based musician Nonagon. If you are unaware of my dailies project, each week, con­sume one piece of media: short story, song, arti­cle, or pre­sen­ta­tion, or etc… Cre­ate seven images based on that con­cept. Spend about 90 min­utes on each image. Repeat 52x. This week, Nonagon and I sent back a word over text message each day. That was our “Atomic Element” which then lead to future design. We stole this idea from pointillism. We alternated each day who sent the word. I would do a design, and then Nonagon did a track based on that image, which is the opposite of how we have worked in the past. It made for an exciting week! I encourage you to check out Nonagon’s wrap-ups on his blog.  “Cube” cub3_00000   “Voice”23-voice_00000   “Ripple”24_0052_00000   “Dissonance”dissonance-25_00005   “Doublethink”26-DOUBLETHINK 2_00000   “Time”27-muybridge_00000 “Abundance” 28_Thank_you_00000 (Nonagon went to Argentina)   Want the source files? Various formats. Cinema4D, AE, PSD, AI. The usual disclaimer: I’m liberally using google images and intentionally working messy and destructively. These are certainly not production files. I don’t own all of the copyrights to every reference image, but I try and source from Creative Commons and wikipedia when I can. You can use them as an educational resource, but please don’t charge for the source files, redistribute, repackage, or copyright the images in any way.