mvcrft365 “Academy Award Nominees”

Sunday, February 24th, 2013 | Blog, Downloads

For this weeks, dailies, I thought it might be fun to do designs based on the Academy Award best pictures nominees. If you are unaware of my dailies project, each week, con­sume one piece of media: short story, song, arti­cle, or pre­sen­ta­tion, or etc… Cre­ate seven images based on that con­cept. Spend about 90 min­utes on each image. Repeat 52x.


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Email me for the source files. Various formats. Cinema4D, AE, PSD, AI. The usual disclaimer: I’m liberally using google images and intentionally working messy and destructively. These are certainly not production files. I don’t own all of the copyrights to every reference image, but I try and source from Creative Commons and wikipedia when I can. You can use them as an educational resource, but please don’t charge for the source files, redistribute, repackage, or copyright the images in any way.