Lusine Visuals

Friday, January 9th, 2015 | Blog, Downloads, Work

There is not a single artist that shows work with projection that would not be interested in showing at a movie theater. Now, let’s say that theater is the historic Grand Theater in the Mission district of San Francisco. Let’s add the music of acclaimed electronic artist Lusine performing live, and the support and production of the fine people at Gray Area, who run the theater (and the awesome arts organization contained in it).

In November of 2014, I was offered this opportunity, and needless to say I was ecstatic. I knew that I’d like to create new, original visuals for Lusine’s new Arterial EP and create a cathedral-like experience in the theater. It was important to wash the audience in one or two colors at a time, and also to synchronize the visual forms produced with the dynamics and progression that is inherent in the lush Lusine arrangements. It was also important to have layers and layers of video, and because of that, I built a 4‑channel setup in software. Other than that, I wanted just a simple, giant screen. I invited everyone I knew in San Francisco.

Here’s a few re-recorded demos from the show. I don’t have a lot of documentation from the event itself.

I also cleaned up the source files, and am providing them here for anyone to check out or remix. Because I do not own any rights to the Lusine music, it has been excised from the downloads. I created the material using Cinema4D and VDMX. The loops are encoded using the Hap codec. You’ll need those tools to open up the production  source files.