Futura Lobo AKA “Wolves”

Saturday, April 14th, 2012 | Downloads

In August of 2010 IdNworld​.com contacted me to see if I’d like to include “The Beast in Me” vimeo​.com/​7​2​9​3​141 in the next issue of their publication. I jumped at the chance, however, as a DVD was getting pressed and included with the magazine, I couldn’t secure the rights to the man in black. I decided to dust off FUTURA_ANIMATED one last time and see if I could recreate the Johnny Cash piece with a new band that might enjoy the exposure that the IdN network afforded.

I emailed the amazingly talented Phosphorescent who just happened to be playing San Francisco that week. I always loved the track “Wolves” since I bought it on vinyl a few years ago, and stark, minimal imagery always ran through my mind when I heard it.

I designed a few style frames, pitched it to ’em, and we were off to the races! Completed in 10 days… while both teaching at AAU and working at Cobra Creative, so essentially I made it after hours, and got this done on fumes and passion!

The piece will be included in IdN v17n5 -


Woo Hoo!

Technically- This piece is C4D, After Effects and the type was created with my custom animated cut of Futura in Livetype, based on a project I did at Cobra Creative. The wolf was modeled and rigged in c4d (I started with a base model from TurboSquid and pulled it apart and re-modeled much of it and modified it) and the low poly look is based on some deformers and expresso. I looked at some “real” character animators rigs to get the IK right on the quadraped set up and some reference on youtube to get the run cycle looking like something close in the animation. There is some GI on the opening shot so the wolf character casts some light in the environment, but nowhere else in the piece (no time for rendering). The type elements are comped in AE and the audio track is shortened to the first verse and chorus.

Source files in the Open Source Demo Reel

note: There is no music track or sound sync. These are the c4d files only.

music copyright 2007–2010 phosphorescent and dead oceans.