Demo Reels 2004–2012

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 | Work

Every few years, a practicing motion graphics artist cuts a demo reel. The second you render it, it’s out of date – an artifact of where you’ve been as opposed to where you’re going. After a few reels, they start to become more historical reference as opposed to actual representative service offerings. Anyway, here’s my dirty laundry of old reels. I’m not even sure if “motion graphics artist” describes who I am and what I do anymore, but at least I’ve improved.


Movecraft Demo Reel 2012

Work for: Snoop Dogg, Edison, Miamisburg, Wachovia, and others.

Music: Caribou remixed by Altrice
Music Edit: Edison


Movecraft Demo Reel 2010

Work for: Cobra Creative, Mrs.K, Upper Playground/Hemway Industries, and CSTNG-SHDWS.

Music: Johnny Cash remixed by Apparat


Movecraft Demo Reel 2008

Work for: Gunshop (Otherland), Phoenix Editorial (Bonfire Labs), Ursa Minor (long gone), Wachovia (was a bank)

Music: Jackson and his computer band


Movecraft Demo Reel 2006

Work for: Cog1, Banyan tree, Crackle, RawSF

Music: Asobi Seksu


Movecraft Demo Reel 2004

Work for: Hasbro, DGDSF, Cog1, some art installations, even some shots from my final BFA project at AAU. This was produced in standard definition, but guess what! I had to compress it even smaller to put it on a website.

Music: Daedelus