AAU WNM “Shapes to Music”

Friday, July 5th, 2013 | Blog, Downloads

In my Motion 1 course at Academy of Art University, School of Web Design + New Media, we have an assignment entitled “Shapes to Music”. We look at Oskar Fischinger, explore the 12 animation principles, talk about the phenomena of synesthesia, and move some squares around in After Effects. It’s great fun.

I’ve been meaning to make a cool demo for it. Here it is.

I initially intended to limit myself to “Dogma CS5” — only tranform properties and parenting on imported footage in After Effects, but about halfway through the demo I realized it was getting a bit complicated, and probably wouldn’t function very well as a clear piece of instruction. So there is a little general “After Effects”-action to complete it. Also, decided to throw the department logo at the end. Might as well be a promo!

Music by Nonagon.

Want the AE source files?