Buttons of Doom

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 | Blog


BUTTONS OF DOOM for the Skelethon Tour

• 1x 256 monome
• all live, one shot sounds
• monome controlled live video streams via V‑4 mixer
• 2x cameras 2x DVD players
• All custom video content c/o CSTNG-SHDWS and Palmer
• Electricity

Last summer I completed some graphics for electronic music monome maestro Edison. I’ve been working with Edison for some time but it was fun to do all original content for his summer tour with some friends. Kudos to Justin Metros, the other half of CSTNG-SHDWS and Tim Palmer for creating graphics with myself. It was a chance to try out some new techniques and tools. We built the visuals, rendered, created mixes, and then had Edison drive 2x security cams and 2x DVD players through a video mixer with his monome. I decided to complete a promo video with Edison to show off the general gist of the show. I’d like to post source files soon.

Here it is in the wild at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium: