Jelly Donut Breakdown

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 | Blog

What kind of MC takes the lame name of a pastry? One with a case of the crazies?

This work was created for mcjellydonut​.com at cobracreative​.com

I was lead motion animator on this project. This was essentially a fill in project that we worked on and off at Cobra Creative. I used it as an opportunity to get more familiar with the CG production pipeline from c4d to ae — trying to get at least a little taste of the traditional VFX skills; modeling, texturing, and lighting under my belt, although many of the shots are still a combination of cheats in composite. All of the created animation work also had to work with Flash, so much was optimized to keep file sizes low and alpha mattes tight. I also did all of my camera moves programmatically using Xpresso in c4d and then sent that data to be parsed by Kevin Lee, the developer at Cobra, so all of the compositing with Jelly D and Donut Ho was loaded live from a random pool of renders.

I love a lot of the goofy touches we put in‐ donuts bouncing, completely unrealistic scales, and I essentially used trapcode’s starglow on absolutely everything. I also enjoyed making it rain donuts and diamonds using particular.

Check out the resulting work at mcjellydonut​.com

Creative: JellyD, Cobra Creative, Seth Weisfeld