1199 Beeswax

Thursday, April 26th, 2012 | Blog

This is documentation of my installation 1199 (beeswax). I was taken by the fact that a pound of beeswax, the fruit of labor of so many small animals, could be purchased by me for 12 bucks, such a small sum of money compared to my earning potential as a human. Coupled along with the apparent reality that bees are declining in number each year due to colony collapse disorder, I scribbled in my notebook that week:

1199 beeswax — pennies, like bees, valueless alone. When the bees are gone, the pennies will go with them.

I hung strips of gazen, painted on them with sumi ink, and covered them with melted beeswax. I projected mapped on the parchment 1,199 pennies, built in 3D, moving in a swarm. The room was warm, and smelled heavily of beeswax.

It was produced in 2011 at San Francisco Art Institute as part of my MFA studies.

It was called “A one‐dimensional and overly simplistic take on capitalism” by one critiquing professor and a “screen‐saver” by the other.

Let’s just say I didn’t exactly take the fine art world by storm.